Building Better Businesses

The right Business Advisory Partner for privately held businesses who want to increase their value. 

What We Do

Improving your business is our passion. Leveraging 30 years of large corporation, small business, and consulting experience, Kedron focuses on executing a people-centric operational approach to increasing business value.   

By serving as a trusted advisor, coach, and confidant to our clients’ senior leaders, Kedron helps them build internal capacity to drive sustainable organization-wide change and execution to improve business results.

Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right  partner or a special skill set or tool, call us today. Together we will  create and refine your plan for success.  

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Who We Serve

  • Business owners that want more out of their business but don’t know how to get there
  • Business owners that want to develop a capable management team to run the company
  • Private equity firms that want to realize value in a new acquisition
  • Business brokers who have clients that need to be built up to make the client marketable

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How We Achieve Results

Driven by your company’s senior leadership team, Kedron utilizes a combination of proven people management, leadership, and operational excellence principles to reshape organizational leadership and the front-line’s business execution behaviors and processes. The result is an organization where every employee from the CEO to the front-line is trained, accountable, motivated, and engaged in running and improving the business. 

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Our Clients

Kedron works with two different types of clients.

First are the clients looking for advisory services only.  They are privately held companies with revenue in excess of $10M per year. The owner(s) know they need better performance from the company but don’t have the experience, knowledge, internal talent, or time to act.

Second are clients looking for an investment along with the advisory services. They are privately held companies with owner(s) who know they need better performance from the company and need between $25k - $100k of capital to move the company to the next level. They also want an active investor with broad business and management experience to help build the business and management team. 

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